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My Inner Thomas

We all doubt just like Thomas did, so why are we so different than Thomas, blessed are those who have not seen yet believe
Doubting Thomas

Oh Thomas! dear Thomas, why do you doubt?

When, In the garden, you too ran about.

Your Master was arrested, with chains abound,

Where were you dear Thomas? Untraced, unfound!

Oh Thomas!, dear Thomas,

Why do you doubt?

I know you loved your Master,

I saw the change in you, he brought about.

But didn't the Master say, he would have to leave?

To accomplish, to honor, to make you believe!

Oh Thomas! dear Thomas,

Why do you feel the pain?

Rejoice, the Master has Risen!

And all have seen him, yet again!

Oh Thomas! dear Thomas,

I know there is a doubt,

Till you touch his very wounds,

You wouldn't believe the crowd!

And when you finally did, you believed!!

For the prophecies of the old,

Stood before you, to witness, to reveal.

Oh Thomas, dear Thomas

You have done so well,

From doubting to believing,

You've truly come out of the shell.

Now a Martyr and Saint, known to be,

Your testimony of faith stands, for the world to see.

Oh Thomas! dear Thomas,

You no longer doubt,

But a doubting Thomas, lingers within me,

Neither believing nor devout!

You touched his wounds,

And readily believed.

But my faith was formed,

Through the Apostles creed.

Oh Thomas! dear Thomas, my beloved Saint,

Intercede for me, as I cry in vain.

Touch my eyes, so I can feel it too,

The wounds that you touched,

Live in me, through and through.

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