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On the mount of Calvary stood 3 crosses, a convict, a convert and a Saviour
3 Crosses

Far on a hill called Mount Calvary,

Stood three crosses made from the wood of a tree.

One on the left and one on the right,

And one at the centre, where heaven's perfect lamb died.

Two thieves fixed on either sides of the cross,

For their sins and misdeeds.

But at the centre was nailed the innocent lamb,

Scourged and scorned, and thrown like a weed.

The day grew darker, cold and still

As the innocent lamb accepted, to fulfill his father's will.

But before it was all finished, the thief on the left, began to speak

Scorning at the Lamb, he demanded to be released!

But the thief on the right, felt the guilt and the shame,

Looking at the lamb who took all the blame.

It is only when you turn towards the lamb, can you see your flaws,

Now deeply ashamed, the thief knew,

he had broken all of God's law.

Recognizing the lamb as the King, and his sacrifice,

He was assured of a place with his Saviour in Paradise!

What a transformation of a thief!! and at what cost?

From a CONVICT to a CONVERT through forgiveness on a cross.

The irony of life, served on mount Calvary

Is the story of two thieves..

One wanted to be remembered,

And the other to be set free..

On life's Crossroads we often stand,

With three crosses before us, and with no plan!!

The decision is yours, for the path you choose!

The one of a convict, OR the one of a convert.

For the convict will lead you to a sinful end,

But the convert will lead you on a path, to a life well spent...

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