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The wax and the wick

A Burning candle in the shape of a Rose, the wax keeps burning supporting the wick to burn
Wax and the Wick

Ever watched a candle burn,

Giving light in the darkest turn.

It is a bond so beautiful and thick..

The story of the candle - "the wax and the wick".

The wick stands tall, but not on its own,

For the wax helps support, to fulfill, to atone.

And as the wick burns, the wax melts too,

Giving light to the world, making all things new...

Mary is the wax, our "Mystical rose",

Jesus is the wick, that the wax upholds.

The beauty of love and obedience, through them we see,

The burning candle is the "Pieta", an attraction to me.

Such a perfect relation, between a mother and a son,

Only a contrite heart could understand,

what was truly done,

Worshiping his divinity, for the glory restored,

Is Venerating her motherhood - a heart pierced with a sword.

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