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What is a Rosary?

Rosary is a gift of roses, we offer to our Blessed Mother Mary, every time we pray. While we pray the Rosary, we meditate on the life of Christ through the divine mysteries.


It is the most powerful weapon against evil temptations...

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Rosary consist of 5 decades, each decade represents a mystery from the life of Jesus or Mary, guiding believers through prayers such as the Our Father and Hail Mary.

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The Catholic Chaplet is a form of prayer consisting of a set of beads, typically smaller than a rosary, often used to invoke the intercession of a particular saint or for focused meditation on a specific aspect of the faith.


Wall Hanging

It serves as a focal point for prayer, contemplation, and meditation, reminding Catholics of Jesus' sacrifice and the central tenets of Christian faith, including redemption and salvation through His death and resurrection.


Holy water fonts are small containers typically found near the entrances of churches or in homes, containing consecrated water used for blessings and rituals within Catholic tradition. they invoke spiritual purification and protection, symbolizing a renewal of baptismal vows and a cleansing of sin before entering sacred spaces or beginning prayers.

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Altar crucifixes or stands are prominent religious symbols placed on the altar in homes, serving as focal points for worship and reflection during prayer and other ceremonies. They typically feature a depiction of Jesus Christ crucified, symbolizing the central tenet of Christian faith

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A one-decade rosary, also known as a finger rosary or a single-decade rosary, consists of a short string of beads used for focused prayer. it allows for the repetition of prayers such as the Our Father and ten Hail Mary's, facilitating contemplation of a specific mystery or intention.


Catholic statues are an important part of the Catholic faith, representing various saints, angels, and other religious figures. They are often used for veneration and serve as a visual reminder of the presence of God and the saints in our lives.

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Catholic scapulars are small pieces of cloth worn by the faithful as a sign of devotion. They are believed to offer spiritual protection and remind the wearer of their commitment to the Catholic faith. Scapulars come in various colors and are often associated with specific saints or religious orders.

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Magnets featuring biblical verses are an excellent way to keep your faith within reach. These magnets serve as a daily reminder of God's love and guidance, whether you're at home or on the go. Select your preferred verse and let it inspire you throughout the day.

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Express your faith with Catholic bracelets. Choose from a variety of styles and materials to find the perfect reminder of your beliefs.


Catholic keychains keep your faith close. Choose from simple or elaborate designs to carry a reminder of your beliefs you go.

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Catholic medals are a significant part of the Catholic faith. They are often worn as a symbol of devotion and protection. These medals come in with different saints, Jesus or Mother Mary and are believed to have spiritual benefits for the wearer.

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Catholic prayer cards with saints and Mother Mary offer a tangible reminder of their spiritual presence and guidance. They feature artwork and prayers for specific intentions or occasions.


Gift cards are a great way to show someone care. They offer flexibility and convenience, allowing the recipient to choose exactly what they want. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or just because, a gift card is always a thoughtful gesture.


Catholic themed t-shirts are a great way to express your faith and show your love for the Church. With a variety of designs and messages, these shirts are perfect for any occasion and make a great gift for fellow Catholics. Wear your faith on your sleeve with a Catholic themed t-shirt.



The Catholic Bible is a collection of sacred texts that includes the Old and New Testaments. It is very important to check if the Bible you purchase has an imprimatur from a Bishop or the Holy church.

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Catholic prayer books help deepen faith and connect with God. They contain prayers, devotions, and meditations for spiritual growth and comfort. Many options are available to suit your needs.

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These books offer different perspectives on the Catholic faith and can help you deepen your understanding of it. 

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Introduce your child to Catholic faith with our engaging children's books. Filled with colorful illustrations and stories, they teach the sacraments saints, and Church teachings in a fun way. Perfect for bedtime or family time, share your faith with your little ones.

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                We not only seek divine intervention for ourselves, but we also desire it for our near and dear ones. We connect to God in various ways, through personal conversation, through rosary and prayers.

                We seek to strengthen your faith and those of your loved ones by providing

Rosary - We strengthen our faith in the Lord, through the intercession of our Blessed Mother.

Chaplet - One of the most beautiful ways to connect deeply to God, is through personal devotion.

One decade Rosary - Keep Our Blessed Mother close to you at all times, even if it means a small rosary.

Bracelet - We serve the faith aspect by offering a variety of bracelets in different colors.

We provide customized/ personalized scriptural text of your choice from the Bible, on door plates, wall hangings or Keychains.

We also have a wide range of books on faith, books for children and prayer books, to satiate your growing hunger for the 'WORD'.

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