Why Mystical Rose?

The rose as we know, is the most beautiful flower in the world. Mary as we know is the world’s first love. Therefore, the rose was a privileged symbol for Mary. Centuries later, the red rose had come to represent Christ's passion, and the blood of the martyrs. The most common association of the rose is with the Virgin Mary, she is the Mystical or Hidden Rose, for mystical means hidden!

With the rose comes the thorns, and Jesus took the thorns for his crown, and gave the rose to the world, whom we venerate to be “Our Blessed Mother”, this beautiful relation between the mother and son, is even seen today.

Children naturally gravitate towards God, for God puts it in the very first heartbeat, in their mother’s womb. It is therefore the duty of parents, to help children grow further in that love towards God. One of the most beautiful ways to help children connect to God, is when you pray as a family. When you pray the rosary… Every Hail Mary in the Rosary is offering a rose to our Blessed Mother, with the words ‘I love you’. So imagine when you recite the rosary – It is a bouquet of roses!!!!!

Mother Mary the true Mystical Rose, so pure and beautiful
Mother Mary - Mystical Rose

It is very important to practice what you preach. We as a couple recite the rosary and encourage and teach others to do the same. And when you keep God in the center of your life, even the darkest days can pass away peacefully.

Our Blessed Mother is known with so many titles, but Mystical Rose stole our heart, as we deeply connect with the bond between the rose and the thorns - One that was hidden and one that was crowned.

All it took was two sacraments to start Mystical Rose collection, the first one we received as a couple during advent, and the second - when we stood to witness the students of our parish being sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. As a couple, we presented them with a rosary, and that is how it all began…

Let us help you begin your journey with Mary as your best companion and friend. For below her feet lies a crushed evil head. You have nothing to fear!

Allow her to lead you to Jesus her loving Son!

- The Borges Couple

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