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Why do we 'pray' the Rosary?

As Padre Pio quoted “Love the Madonna and pray the Rosary, for her rosary is the WEAPON against the Evils of the World today”

The Apostles gave us the Creed, Christ gave us the ‘Our Father’, Angel Gabriel as a messenger from God and Saint Elizabeth filled with the Holy Spirit gave us the ‘Hail Mary’, and the ‘Holy Mary’ was a spontaneous outcry of people in a great calamity during the Middle Ages, and our Blessed Mother gave us the ‘Glory be’. That is how the Rosary took shape. What began as 150 Psalms recital, slowly gave shape to the Holy Rosary in its present form.

Through the Rosary the divine mysteries are revealed, for us the rosary serves as an umbilical cord that attaches us to our Blessed Mother… A cord that cannot be broken, a cord that binds us to her loving son.

Christ became the mediator between God and Man, thus he is the mystical body, and Mary became the mediatrix between Christ and Man, thus she is the mystical rose. The mystical body and the mystical rose together brought salvation to man. It is this beautiful mystery of the mother and her divine son that we relive every time we pray the Holy Rosary.

The Holy Rosary is the perfect summation, of her divine son’s Life, Death and resurrection. When we pray the rosary, we meditate on the life of Christ through the mysteries. Just like the wire holds the beads together of a Rosary, so does our meditation holds the prayers together.

We experience the beautiful truth while praying the Rosary, because in the rosary, we meditate on his life in Bethlehem, Galilee, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Golgotha, Calvary, Mount Olives and Heaven. All these scenes move between our mind, eyes and lips. The beauty about praying the Rosary is that, we are given one Expression of emotion for each day to meditate on (Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious).

It is only in Joy that we see, the divine light illuminated (Luminous) and in Sorrow the Glory is revealed. These divine revelations make up the Holy Rosary.

Joyful Mysteries- The fruits of these mysteries teaches us: humility, Love of neighbor, Poverty, Obedience, and the Joy in Finding God.

Luminous Mysteries- The fruits of these mysteries teaches us: Openness to the Holy Spirit, the path to Jesus through Mary, Repentance and trust in God, Desire for Holiness and Joy in Adoration.

Sorrowful Mysteries- The fruits of these mysteries teaches us: Sorrow for Sin, Purity, Courage, Patience and Perseverance.

Glorious Mysteries- The fruits of these mysteries teaches us: Faith, Hope, Love of God, Grace of a happy death, and Trust in Mary’s intercession.

We feel saddened that today’s families do not understand the importance of Mary in their lives, it is also disheartening to see the way the Rosary is prayed, Rosary is all about calling out to Mary with Love, and not chasing her away. We therefore request you to pray the Rosary meaningfully for every ‘Hail Mary’, is saying help me Mary, I love you Mary. Don’t run praying your Rosary, rather “Rise with your Rosary”.

We as a Couple urge you to: Pray the Rosary, Relive the Mysteries, Return to Christ.

The late Fr Leslie Miranda wrote a beautiful book entitled "Stop saying the Rosary, start praying the Rosary", there's a tendency for us Catholics to state "let us say the Rosary", when we should start encouraging to say "let us pray the Rosary".

Mary our mother Pray for us.

In Bishop Fulton Sheen’s words:

“Lovely Lady dressed in blue,

Teach me how to pray,

God was your little boy,

Teach me what to say…”

-The Borges Couple

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daisy dias
daisy dias
May 09, 2021

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