Jesus my Super-scar

We have all watched Harry Potter, and seen the pain he went through, when Voldemort gave him a lifelong scar. In life, we too go through a similar pain, when a scar, visible as it is, becomes a trademark to identify us with. Every scar has a story of its own, which begins in pain and agony, and stays forever casting a mark for the journey it went through.

Superstars are found in dime and dozen all over the world, we know and admire them for their performance in Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood and many more woods! But the star that stole our hearts, was the one that shone on real wood - the wood of the cross! The carpenter’s tools were put to perfect use, when this man from Nazareth or Galilee as we know, chose to cling to the wood of the cross.

This man from Galilee was no ordinary, for everywhere he walked the crowds followed him, to listen, to touch, to learn, to witness the miracles he performed. Even the blind, deaf and crippled waited upon him. For a superstar, the camera follows everywhere, but for this man, his disciples were the ‘living witness’, and through their eyes, captured every moment of his life, and passed on their testimony through the living word.

But can you imagine the pain, when one is scourged at the pillar and crucified? - one nail at a time and a thorn pierced crown. Ever wondered what he went through and why he had to go through that pain?

Jesus is nailed to the cross for our sins and the sins of all mankind. The pain that he goes through is unimaginable
Jesus Nailed to the cross, for our Sins

We marvel at the work of superstars, to an extend of knowing their every move in life, but have we ever stopped, paused for a moment and tried to understand, who is this man who took our place on the cross.

We call him with many names - Jesus, Yeshua, Messiah, Lord and Master…. he is our hero, because he got scarred for life, he even ascended into heaven with the scars, he now lives in heaven with the scars, his true identity is known through his scars, and in those very scars we see the image of ourselves. Therefore, he is more than a ‘superstar’, he is a ‘super-scar’- a scar for my sins. Scarred for love, Scarred for life!

A scar that assures me a place in heaven, a scar I am not ashamed of, but proud to show it to the world. Who can love us more than him? He chose death over life. Even Thomas the Apostle had his doubts, until he saw and touched the wounds of my ‘super-scar’. Don’t we all have the same doubt until we see the wounds?

My Super-scar continues to bleed from his wounds even today, for this world has plunged into darkness, but the light that pierces through his scars, shines bright on my soul even today. For his sacred wounds are an inexhaustible source of faith, hope and love.

Be rest assured that on Judgement Day, your credentials will not be asked, the Lord will instead demand to see your hands and feet “show me your wounds”. For us, true super-scars are also those, who bear the wounds of Christ, with joy on themselves in every age. We call them martyrs for the faith.

We as a couple urge you to follow this beautiful Super-Scar and hope that you become a witness to his miracles in your life.

So forget all the superstars of this world, as we look forward to you becoming a Bethlehem Star instead, leading all to the Blessed Lord also known as my Super-scar!

No Jesus, No Life!

Know Jesus, Know Life!!!

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